Forest Hill Elementary School

We Need Your Help!

We continue to have challenges during drop off and pick up times.

In order to help direct traffic, we would appreciate some volunteers.  If you are available to help, even if it is only once a week, please take a moment and use this form to sign-up.

All families, please help us to ensure safety by doing the following things:

  • If at all possible, walk to school. Please remember that only one adult should accompany students on campus. 

  • Remind your children to use the crosswalks - even adults. We have seen children darting across the street without looking so that they can get to their parent’s car. We have also seen adults not use the crosswalk. Please help us by being good role models.

  • Be mindful that the crossing guards are required to walk anyone who is 15 and under.  Even if a parent is with them, please wait for them to signal when it is deemed safe to cross.

  • No stopping or dropping off at the “No Stopping” zone. This area needs to remain clear so that our buses have room to enter and exit.

  • Remain in your vehicles at all times when in the drop off zone. 

  • When driving through the drop off zone, SLOW DOWN. 

  • Please move your car all the way forward in the drop off zone. Do not stop at the beginning if there are no cars in front of you.
  • Everyone is required to be wearing a mask during pick-up and drop off times.

One way to help with congestion and parking is to allow yourselves plenty of time. This way students are not late and your mornings will be less stressful.  Remember that the church parking lot is not available for our use. 

Safety is paramount! Please -- let’s all do our part.

Thank you!