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Updated: Nov 17 2015 - 10:44am

With the Holidays right around the corner, it is time to think of the “season of giving.” Last year, Forest Hill was very successful in adopting several families during the holidays and brought joy to many children. There was a great outpouring of caring and support as students brought in over $2000 in gift cards for Forest Hill families in need.

Please bring your gift card donations to the front office or to your classroom teacher. With open hearts and hands, we can truly make this a season of giving. Thank you!

Updated: Nov 24 2015 - 11:23am

Walking is a fun and healthy way to spend time with your child.

In Campbell Union School District, we encourage parents and students to walk or bike to school every Wednesday. For those who live too far, try parking farther away from the school and walking the last block or two.

Since children learn by doing, YOU are your child’s most important role model for learning to walk safely. As you walk, please:

  • Obey all traffic signs and signals.
  • Look LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT for moving cars, and cross when clear.
  • Time yourself. Practice this weekend to find out how much time to allow.
  • Check the weather and dress appropriately (boots, rain coat, umbrella, etc.).

As you walk, you can talk with your child about what you’re doing and explain why.

Updated: Nov 24 2015 - 11:23am

  • Winter break: When making your holiday plans, please don’t let vacation time take away school time. Winter Break is Dec. 21, 2015 through Jan. 01, 2016. School resumes January 4th! We want all of our students to be ready for the future, and attending school every day is the best way to prepare them for success. 
  • Gift-giving reminder: The season of gift-giving is approaching, and children often want to bring new items to school with them. Please remind your child to keep certain kinds of gifts at home, such as toy weapons, or anything considered monetarily or sentimentally valuable.
Updated: Nov 20 2015 - 4:00pm

A Message from the Superintendent

Parents often ask me: “When will I find out the results of my child’s tests?”

Each year our teachers administer several assessments to determine student growth and inform their classroom teaching practice. These assessments—tests, quizzes, class projects, and the like—provide multiple ways to measure student progress towards learning the important concepts they need for success in school and in the community at-large.

Our assessment cycle includes dates we report results throughout the year. Also, our teachers are available to discuss student progress with the parents.

Assessment Reporting Schedule

iReady Testing Results

  • October at Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Mid-November via student delivery
  • Early March via student delivery

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Distribution Cycle

  • Tentatively August/September 2016 via U.S. mail

Trimester Report Cards

    Middle School (sent via U.S. mail): Nov. 19, March 10, June 9      

    Elementary School (sent home with student): Nov. 20, March 18, June 8

Campbell Union School District employees value partnering with you to prepare our students for college and career success. Please continue to communicate with your child’s teacher(s) to stay informed and to ensure that we are all doing our best to provide each student with an optimal educational experience. 

Updated: Nov 20 2015 - 4:01pm

Lunch time=fun time!  Looking for a great way to watch your kids at play?  Consider coming to volunteer during lunch recess.  Please see Miss Jackie in the school office for more information. 

Updated: Nov 18 2015 - 7:27pm

Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Ross' classes toured AOL earlier this month. Thank you to Jaime Batiz and his team for welcoming our students and staff. Students participated in learning online safety and etiquette. Students participated in a STEM career panel and Hour of Code activity. This visit inspired ourstudents to think about their future.

Updated: Nov 18 2015 - 7:17pm
math image

Back to offer another amazing training, please join our district math coaches at an upcoming math information event.  Discover ways of supporting children at home with the shift to the Common Core math standards. Childcare is available. 

For families of elementary age students:

  • Friday, January 15th at 8:15 am, at Forest Hill.


Updated: Nov 17 2015 - 10:42am

Thank you for the wonderful outpouring of food for those in need this holiday season.  Please continue to bring in non-perishable food and let’s make this a record year! 

Updated: Nov 17 2015 - 10:39am

Kindly keep your child’s lunch account up-to-date.  Account balances may be checked online or by calling 408-341-7210.  For more information visit:

Updated: Nov 17 2015 - 10:41am

Please check the lost and found before December 17th. All remaining items will be donated.


Bell Schedule

  • In Session 8:10–10:10
  • Recess 10:10–10:30
  • In Session 10:30–11:50
  • Lunch 11:50–12:38*
  • In Session 12:38–2:20*
  • * Wed lunch ends at 12:32 & day ends at 1:21
  • * On rainy days, lunch begins at 11:35 & ends at 12:05 for TK–1st, 2nd begins at 12:10 & ends at 12:40
  • In Session 8:10–10:10
  • Recess 10:10–10:30
  • In Session 10:30–12:10
  • Lunch 12:10–12:58*
  • In Session 12:58–2:20*
  • * Wed lunch ends at 12:52 & day ends at 1:21
  • * On rainy days, lunch begins at 12:10 & ends at 12:40
  • In Session 8:10–10:10
  • Recess 10:10–10:30
  • In Session 10:30–12:10
  • Lunch 12:10–12:58*
  • In Session 12:58–2:47*
  • * Wed lunch ends at 12:52 & day ends at 1:21
  • * On rainy days, lunch begins at 12:45 & ends at 1:15

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