Specialized Instruction

We are committed to providing the resources and tools to make sure every student achieves at the highest levels. These specialized instruction programs ensure that all students are guaranteed an education that's truly beyond the expected.


English Language Development (ELD) Standards are used in tandem with the Common Core State Standards to give our English Learners (ELs) what they need to acquire language and gain access to grade-... Learn More
Gifted and Talented Education refers to students who have been identified as being gifted, or having a high capacity for learning and abstract thinking and reasoning. All second graders in CUSD take... Learn More
Homeschool is an educational alternative that is offered through the Campbell Union School District for students from all counties surrounding Santa Clara County. Our program allows families the... Learn More
Our school has a number of programs and staff dedicated to providing support to all students, including Special Day Classes (SDC) and Resource Specialist Programs (RSP).
10 · SDC Teacher
SBaniaga [at] campbellusd.org

13 · Occupational Therapist
jbirnbaum [at] campbellusd.org

13 · Occupational Therapist
echu [at] campbellusd.org

37 · ELD Teacher
ECrome [at] campbellusd.org

Speech/Language/Hearing Specialist
SEndisch [at] campbellusd.org

11 · 1st-2nd Grade Special Day Class
lhamer [at] campbellusd.org

32 · Preschool Special Day Class
CHolley [at] campbellusd.org

34 · Preschool Special Education Teacher
CKrueger [at] campbellusd.org

16 · K-2nd Grade Special Day Class
MLavalle [at] campbellusd.org

Speech & Language Pathologist
abalcunas [at] campbellusd.org

12 · SDC Teacher
LLee [at] campbellusd.org

33 · Preschool Special Day Class Teacher
mrose [at] campbellusd.org

Preschool Special Education Teacher
ESedano [at] campbellusd.org