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Updated Mon, May 13th

CAASPP testing is here! Our testing window is April 29 - May 26. CAASPP, or SBAC, testing is one way we measure students’ progress over the year. The assessments provide important information to teachers and families about our students. There are many ways that you can help us prepare for it and do our best.


As a reminder, we ask that you please do not plan to take your child out of school during this time.

Some more ideas to help you and your student prepare for testing include (from


1. Prioritize attendance: what is the best (and most straightforward) piece of test-prep advice for caregivers is to do what you can to ensure that your child is fully engaged with his or her classwork throughout the year. 


2. Communicate with teachers: regular communication with your child’s instructor can help you gain insight into his or her progress. Your child’s teacher is also a great resource for test-preparation practice or strategies you can use with your child at home. 


3. Talk to your child about test taking: the purpose and goals of testing are not always obvious, even to the students who take them. Especially with new test-takers, it’s easy to be intimidated by testing or simply not feel motivated to put forth a lot of effort. Have open, ongoing conversations with your child to explain the benefits of testing, focusing on how it helps them, their teacher, their school, and other educators understand their strengths and weaknesses and figure out the most effective ways to teach. You can also use this opportunity to ask your students how they feel about testing, and offer reassurance or perspective if they have any anxiety around exams.


4. Offer positive reinforcement: a little encouragement can go a long way in helping students walk into testing days feeling confident—which, in turn, can have a huge effect on their performance. Praise your child for the work that he or she does to prepare for testing, and share in his or her excitement when he or she has success with a new concept or skill. Similarly, when he or she is struggling with a topic, point out the progress that he or she has made and encourage him or her to continue working. Having already experienced success with the material that he or she will be tested on will help your child avoid test anxiety and perform to the best of his or her ability on testing day.


5. Support healthy habits: sleep and nutrition can have a huge impact on your child’s ability to focus and retain information. On testing days, it’s especially important to make sure that your child gets a good night’s sleep, starts the day with a filling breakfast, and goes to school with a water bottle to help stay hydrated.


6. Keep testing in perspective: no single test is that important. Avoid putting too much emphasis on your child’s test scores—doing so can make your child feel pressure that will ultimately only affect his or her performance negatively. It’s also important to not be upset by a single test score. Low test scores can occur for any number of reasons; it may have just been an off day for your child.

7. Debrief after the test: after testing has come and gone, talk with your child about his or her results and how he or she felt about the test. By discussing his or her answers, thought processes, and feelings, you can gain further insight into what he or she is struggling with and excelling at and then help him or her better prepare next time. Talking about testing can also help your child process the experience and overcome any anxiety that he or she might have had.


Here are some resources that may review:



 If you have questions about any of the state tests, your student’s academic performance, or your ability to opt your student out of CAASPP assessments, please contact your child's teacher, Ms. Chalfant, or Mrs. Armann.

Updated Tue, Apr 16th

Students have taken charge of their own fun activities during recess time lately.

  • 5th graders brought Gaga Ball back from science camp and the new sport has spread to fourth and third grade. 5th graders are working together to create standard rules for Forest Hill and worked on a presentation that will be shown to 3rd grade and up. They even persuaded Ms. Chalfant to order an official Gaga Ball court that we are figuring out the perfect spot for. Thank you to Ms. Ensor, Mrs. Hart, and Mrs. McClean for working with your classes on this project!
  • Other students have been creating their own games with soft foam balls as well as on the volleyball courts. On days when Mrs. Cohn, our PE teacher, is here, students also have been playing pickleball, tennis, and badminton.
  • Volunteer parents come every other Monday for Origami Club - most recently, students created beautiful spring flowers. Thank you to these moms for helping students try out a new art form.
  • ASR Coaches visit Forest Hill on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays to play games like soccer, chaos tag, and basketball. We've been loving having them here!

You can check out some of these fun activities in the attached photos. It's such a treat to see our Falcons being so creative, cooperative, and energetic during recess.

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Updated Tue, Feb 13th

January 22-26 was The Great Kindness Challenge. Forest Hill, along with over 19,000 schools across our country, pariticpated in lessons and activities to promote kindness, empathy, and understanding. Students were seen completing kindness challenges such as making and sharing friendship bracelets. On Friday at lunch, our Falcon Guide noon duty Ms. Maryam helped students create a Chain of Kindness. Students wrote messages of love and kindness on paper slips and created a chain.

Through Toolbox, all students also learn social emotional skills that support them in being kind and empathtic at school and at home.

Ask your student how he or she participated in The Great Kindness Challenge!

Updated Tue, Jan 30th

Starting January 18th, families, students and staff are invited to participate in the district’s annual survey. The survey asks for feedback around student learning, school safety, sense of belonging and more. We appreicate your thoughts and feedback.

Parents and guardians will receive links via email and ParentSquare. Students in grades 3-8 will participate during specific class sessions.

If you have questions, please contact the school office.

Updated Tue, Dec 19th

Through our Art, Innovation, and Music (AIM) Program, our students have been developing their creativity skills. Our AIM teachers Eric Armann, Amy Fang, and Amanda Raudsep have been a wonderful addition to our school. 

Students have had the opportunity to address critical Profile of a Graduate skills during AIM classes. Recently, Kindergarten and first graders were introduced to programming through Bee-Bots, second and third graders learned about values of colors and created artwork inspired by local architecture, and fourth and fifth graders engaged their critical thinking skills in music by identifying musical patterns in popular music. Check out the attached photos for some other recent activities from AIM at Forest Hill!

 Follow their learning journeys on our AIM Blog (

Updated Tue, Nov 28th

The week of 11/13-11/17 is World Kindness Week! Yesterday, some of our fifth graders and kindergartners surprised the rest of campus with inspiring messages of peace and kindness. These messages will greet you as you enter campus from the front gate, Kindergarten gate, or side gate by Campbell Care!

The purpose of World Kindness Week is to focus on positivity around us - by learning, teaching, and sharing kindness with others. Many classes lately have been working on kindness lessons and projects. First grade did a weekly kindness challenge, and second grade worked on surprise kindness notes for their former teachers and for classmates. All our Falcons put effort into being kind and treating others respectfully.

If you'd like some resources for home, has many ideas! Check it out and share with our school Instagram, , if you complete any kindness activities at home!

Updated Tue, Nov 21st

It's definitely pumpkin season at Forest Hill! Many classes from TK-5th have been using pumpkins as inspiration for art, math, writing, and more.

Mrs. Ross's class took inspriation from artist Yayoi Kusama, who has a current exhibition at SFMOMA, and created pumpkin dot paintings. 5th grade students created jack o'lanters based on biographies they read. Mrs. Hannan's class used 10 frames to count exactly how many seeds their pumpkin had, while Mrs. Unsinger's class did an experiment with pumpkin and different types of liquid. Mrs. Cittadino's class made beautiful pumpkin lanters.

It's so much fun to see how our teachers use current events to inspire their teaching and our studetns' learning!

Happy Fall from Forest Hill!

Updated Fri, Nov 17th
Mrs. Hardt has some important news to share. Coming home to you soon will be your child's custom catalog for the Square 1 Art fundraiser. Proceeds from the fundraiser are used to purchase art supplies for our art program. The catalog you receive has stickers on it of your child’s artwork.
Order by:  11/15/2023
Upload additional art if you like, using Art Upload!
If you have questions, or need anything at all, contact customer care online.
Thank you for supporting our school!
Updated Tue, Oct 31st

Many of our members of the Forest Hill Student Leadership team have begun spreading smiles and joy with volunteer opportunities. One group visits TK and K recess each day to help our youngest Falcons play organized games and problem solve together. You might have also seen another set of volunteers greeting people each. morning next to the front office. We are hoping to add even more morning greeters to the back gate area near Campbell Care! Thank you to Mrs. Vander Kooi, Mrs. McClean, and all of our 4th and 5th grade student leaders who help to make Forest Hill welcoming for all!

Updated Tue, Oct 10th

Second grade Falcons recently finished their first ELA unit, Government in Action. Students learned about presidents, including the fun fact that teddy bears were originally named after President Teddy Roosevelt! Mrs. Hill's class celebrated by bringing their teddy bears for a day, and even got to take their bears to the library.

Second graders have also been learning about geographical landforms. In small cooperative groups, they created their own custom topographical maps using clay. Classes brainstormed all the types of land forms they could think of. They will continue to add to their maps as they learn more.

It's also been fun spending time with reading buddies! Students work together to practice reading skills including expression and fluency.

Thanks to our amazing second grade team, students have been working hard and having fun at the same time!