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Updated Sat, Mar 28th

(Updated March 27, 2020)

Please use this link to view a video message from Superintendent Shelly Viramontez on Youtube.

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March 25, 2020

In our commitment to keep you informed of changes as we become aware of them, we want to let you know that late this morning, six Bay Area counties, including ours, announced that we are extending the school closures to May 1. The news release is online.

As we indicated in previous communications, our District is continuing the transition from flexible learning options to formally offering distance learning lessons. Our distance learning—instruction that happens when the teacher and student are not in the same location—will take into consideration student needs and access to technology. 

We understand that families have different situations and resources available, and their anxiety levels often are high. We are only asking that we all do our best and work through the challenges we are facing now. Please see the news release for more details about this extended closure, and check the COVID-19 resources page for updates. 

Our commitment to keeping our students fed and the learning going continues! 

I will be sending an update on Friday that will offer more information about our district’s plans going forward.

Dr. Shelly Viramontez, Superintendent

Updated Tue, Mar 24th

(Update 3/24/2020)

Dear CUSD Families:

We  are continuing our commitment to supporting our students and families during this trying and rapidly changing time. In just over one week, predictions for the duration of the school closures went from a couple of weeks to the recently announced extension that will keep our schools closed beyond our originally planned April 13 reopening.  At this point, we are not sure when or if school will reopen this school year. We do anticipate more definitive timelines this week or next.

In an effort to help families plan, we are providing the following update.

  1. Now through April 12: All of our instructional staff, teachers and administrators, are transitioning from our flexible learning options to preparing lessons to be completed through distance learning. Distance learning—instruction that happens when the teacher and student are not in the same location—will formalize on Monday April 13. These lessons take into consideration student needs and access to technology. Information  will be sent through email, phone and web postings. 
  2. April 6-10: During this week—our regularly scheduled Spring Break—distribution of meals and learning packets will pause, temporarily, and will resume on April 13th. Please refer to our COVID-19 resources page for updates.
  3. April 13: Phase 2 of our student/family support begins. Meal distribution resumes, distance learning begins, and COVID-19 updates related to schools and education will continue. For those who need them, printed packets will also be disseminated at your student’s school site.  
  4. Beyond April 13: No decision has been made at this time about how long the school closures will need to continue to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our district is collaborating with the Santa Clara Public Health Department and Santa Clara County Office of Education and California Department of Education to determine what appropriate response and supports we can provide to our families. We encourage you to check our COVID-19 resources page, as we update this when new information is known.

We know this has been challenging for all of us, and we are all committed to doing what it takes to provide the essential activities of providing meals and keeping learning happening. Our teachers have taken the challenge of providing learning in a new format and connecting with students through innovative ways. I talk frequently of the value of our parents as partners, and now this is essential as you are working at home to support your student’s learning more than ever. 

Our Child Nutrition Department continues to provide meals for pick up Monday - Friday, as indicated above, and our custodial staff is ensuring our schools are clean and ready to resume when and if we are allowed to return this school year.  

Be well.

(Update 3/20/2020)

Please click this link to view a video message from Superintendent Viramontez that updates families about support during school closure.  Haga clic en este enlace para ver un mensaje en video del Superintendente Viramontez que actualiza a las familias sobre el apoyo durante el cierre de la escuela. (Los subtítulos en español se agregarán el lunes.)

Regarding Positive COVID-19 notifications:

Community transmission is ongoing in Santa Clara County. As the community follows the Health Officer Order to Shelter in Place issued on March 16, 2020, notification regarding potential contacts to cases will no longer be provided, and school districts are not required to provide any notifications.  Everyone, except for those providing or receiving essential services, should be staying home, especially anyone who is feeling ill.  Anyone who develops symptoms of COVID-19, should call their healthcare provider for further guidance before going to the doctor.  Only the severely ill should seek care at an emergency room and should, if at all possible, call first.

COVID-19 Resources Page

(Update 3/18/2020)

In light of Governor Newsom’s March 17 announcement, we are pivoting our planning to include the probability that schools may remain closed beyond the original date. No decision has been made yet. Please know we are committed to continue providing learning and lunches for our students through mid-April, as planned. Because information is changing frequently, we encourage you to check our COVID19 web page each evening for updates.

(Update 3/16/2020)

Dear CUSD Families:

First, we hope that you and your family are staying healthy and following the guidelines from local health officials. 

These are dynamic and uncharted times. Information comes in rapidly and today’s announcement to shelter-in-place is no exception. You can find resources and information on our COVID19 web page —

This letter includes information about the following supports for Campbell Union School District families.

  1. Meals for children: Pick up locations and schedule
  2. Online access for students: Checking out a student chrome book
  3. Flexible learning: Optional learning resources for home 

Please be patient with us as the plans we had to continue to support and encourage student learning have needed to be adjusted due to some of the new limitations. We encourage you to review our flexible learning options. In addition to the resources provided, if your schedule allows, I would also encourage you to consider playing cards, board games and cooking as other enjoyable and learning activities. We will continue to provide updates to you as we have them. We will be updating our flexible learning resources on a weekly basis, beginning on March 23, 2020.

We appreciate your patience and partnership as we work together in the interest of our children and our community.

Dr. Shelly Viramontez

P.S. The Resource list is being translated to Spanish and will be available on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.


(Published 3/13/2020)

The County Superintendent of Schools announced on March 13th that all public schools in the county will close from March 16 - April 3. Consequently, Campbell Union School District will close schools to students until April 13.  This includes our week of spring break. 
In an abundance of caution, we will not be having anyone at the school sites until March 18, 2020.  We have been told that the virus lasts 72 hours, and this will allow an opportunity for deep cleaning to happen and for the virus to expire.

Details about how your students can stay engaged in their learning is available on our covid19 web page.  

Click for details about meals, self-directed instruction, and other suppoerts for students.

El Superintendente de Escuelas del Condado anunció el 13 de Marzo que todas las escuelas públicas del condado cerrarán del 16 de marzo al 3 de abril. En consecuencia, el Distrito Escolar Unido de Campbell cerrará las escuelas a los estudiantes hasta el 13 de abril. Esto incluye nuestra semana de vacaciones de primavera.
Con mucha precaución, no tendremos a nadie en las escuelas hasta el 18 de marzo de 2020. Nos han dicho que el virus dura 72 horas, y esto permitirá la oportunidad de una limpieza profunda y que el virus caduque. 

Los detalles sobre cómo sus estudiantes pueden mantenerse involucrados en su aprendizaje están disponibles en nuestra página web covid19.   

Haga clic para obtener detalles sobre comidas, instrucción autodirigida y otros apoyos para estudiantes.

Updated Tue, Mar 24th

Supporting the well-being of our students and families is our number one priority at this time. This new way of life is different and can be challenging. We, the staff, students and families, are learning to adapt and finding what works best for us while being at home.

Allowing time for breaks from school work such as taking a walk, drawing or coloring, journaling or a few home exercises can be really useful if we are becoming overwhelmed or stressed. To help families adjust, we have compiled a few activities for students to complete. We have also provided videos for children to dance or sing to. This can help with releasing some of that energy they are holding in from the day. 

Please feel free to use the resources for what works best for your family. We have also provided an article about talking to children about the coronavirus. Kids are inquisitive and curious. There may be many questions, and we hope these resources can be of help to you. 

Ayuda para el aprendizaje en el hogar

Apoyar el bienestar de nuestros estudiantes y familias es nuestra prioridad número uno en este momento. Esta nueva forma de vida es diferente y puede ser desafiante. Nosotros, el personal, los estudiantes y las familias, estamos aprendiendo a adaptarnos y a encontrar lo que funciona mejor para nosotros mientras estamos en casa.

Permitir tiempo para descansar del trabajo escolar, como caminar, dibujar o colorear, escribir en el diario o hacer algunos ejercicios en el hogar, pueden ser realmente útil si nos sentimos abrumados o estresados. Para ayudar a las familias a adaptarse, hemos compilado algunas actividades para que los alumnos las completen. También hemos proporcionado videos para que los niños bailen o canten. Esto puede ayudar a liberar parte de esa energía que retienen durante el día.

Por favor, siéntase libre de usar los recursos que mejor funcionen  para su familia. También proporcionamos un artículo sobre cómo hablar con los niños sobre el coronavirus. Los niños son inquisitivos y curiosos. Pueden haber muchas preguntas y esperamos que estos recursos puedan ayudarle.


Updated Wed, Mar 25th

During the closure dates of March 16th through April 3rd*, the Campbell Union School District will be offering free meals, at participating sites. Meals will be free to all children, 18 years of age and younger, and available for pick-up from 11:00am to 12:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Any child from any school can participate. Children do not have to be present for parents or caregivers pick up their meals. We are encouraging all children to stay home if possible.

Meals will not be consumed on site, but distributed to be eaten elsewhere.  We will offer a pre-packaged lunch and a pre-packaged breakfast for the following day.

Meal pick up locations:

Blackford Elementary, 1970 Willow St., San Jose

Capri Elementary, 850 Chapman Dr. Campbell

Castlemont Elementary, 3040 Payne Ave., Campbell

Lynhaven Elementary, 881 S. Cypress Ave., San Jose

Rosemary Elementary, 401 W. Hamilton Ave., Campbell

Sherman Oaks, 1800-C Fruitdale Ave., San Jose

Monroe Middle, 1055 S. Monroe St., San Jose

*Schedule may be extended. Please check for updates.

Questions? Please contact Child Nutrition Services at (408) 341-7210 or e-mail at food [at]

Updated Thu, Mar 12th

Dear Campbell USD Community:

I know this is a very challenging and anxious time for all of us as we work to respond responsibly through this new strain of viral infection, known as COVID-19.  I am sending you an update from a meeting today with the Director of the Public Health Department (PHD), Dr. Sara Cody and all of the Superintendents in our County.

(Please click to see the full letter from the Superintendent.)

We have worked to establish collective agreements for all Districts in Santa Clara County.  Because this situation is new and dynamic, we are continuing to re-evaluate and update our response as information becomes available.  When it is determined that new updates regarding the guidelines below will impact operations of our district and school sites, you will be notified.  If no new updates are provided, that means the current guidelines are still in effect.

(Please click to see the full letter from the Superintendent.)

Updated Tue, Mar 10th

Third graders across the district participated in their first Inquiry and Innovation Day on Thursday, March 5th. Volunteers from the Assistance League of Los Gatos led a lesson integrating the new science practices and the district’s Profile of a Graduate competencies around critical thinking and innovation. The lesson was designed to encourage curiosity, observation, and innovative ideas.

The volunteers introduced the 8-year-olds to Ada Lace On The Case, a book by Emily Calandrelli about a third-grade girl who starts closely observing and asking questions about the world around her. Then they demonstrated an experiment using a glass of water and a small orange.

“If I put the orange in the water, do you think it will sink or float?” they asked the students. When the orange floats, they ask the students for their ideas about why it floats. Then, they remove the peel, the orange sinks, and students offer ideas again.

“Maybe the peel is like the sides of a boat, holding up what’s inside,” said Xander. “I think it’s floating because the oils in the peel float in the water,” said Leon.

The lesson, which aligns with Next Generation Science Standards, continued with students asking questions and exchanging ideas around what happened. Students discussed how they could do more research on the topic and how that might lead to opportunities for more innovations. 

The activity concluded with each student receiving a personal copy of the Ada Lace book and a bookmark. The author, Emily Calandrelli, will also be speaking at two of our schools this year.

“Teachers noticed that students were excited to make further observations and ask questions at home and at school,” said Julie Goo, STEAM Innovation Teacher. “They are now more curious about the world around them and how they can contribute to it.”

Updated Fri, Mar 6th

March 5, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

It has been a challenging few weeks for us all as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve. We remain in daily contact with county health officials regarding the spread of the virus and discuss responses to possible scenarios.  

This afternoon, the Public Health Department (PHD) announced six new confirmed cases of COVID-19, and new guidance regarding large gatherings. It was reported that one of the new cases is at a local San Jose day care facility and another is at the Children’s Discovery Museum. Both facilities will be closed for a few days.  

The County Public Health Department is not recommending closing schools at this time.  If a staff member or student in a specific school is confirmed to have COVID-19, the PHD will consider the facts and circumstances and determine the need to close. They further explained the reason they are not recommending school closures at this time is because children have not been shown to be at high risk group for serious illness from this virus. The exception may be those with serious compromised health conditions, such as those with weakened immune systems.  

While school will continue, we are also conducting deeper cleanings at our schools.  Additionally, out of an abundance of caution, we will suspend field trips that will not allow for students to have arms length distance from one another.  For instance, a planetarium field trip might be cancelled or postponed, but a hike to the park could continue.  

There is much news circulating about this and we will continue to respond to the dynamic situation as advised by the PHD, in collaboration with the Santa Clara County Office of Education. This is a new situation for all of us, and I know there is much concern and anxiety in the community. We share those concerns and continue to make the safety of students and staff our highest priority.

Please continue to protect yourselves and your families through the usual practices of hand-washing, covering your coughs/sneezes, staying home if you or your child is not feeling well, remaining calm and staying informed.

Links to information are on the Public Health Department’s website: 

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support in helping keep our schools and students safe.


Shelly Viramontez, Ed.D., Superintendent

Updated Thu, Mar 5th

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that the immediate risk of the novel coronavirus (now referred to as COVID-19) to the public is still low at this time. CDC representatives also shared that COVID-19 could begin spreading in communities, and we all should begin preparations now. 

The health and safety of our students is our priority, and we are monitoring the developments daily.  Please know that calm, common sense, data and the Public Health Department will inform our actions and decisions as we go through this experience together. We are in a dynamic phase, and we will update you as information changes

We recognize that the unknown can be concerning and will continue to provide regular updates as we have them. In the past week, we have sent two letters from the District Superintendent to district families. You can read them here:

Updated Sun, Mar 1st

Did you know that the kindergarten students who are counted in Census 2020 will be high school seniors the next time the Census is done in 2030?

Because an accurate census count benefits our schools and community, Campbell Union School District’s Governing Board adopted a resolution in support of US Census 2020. Our schools have been provided with activities for students to learn about the importance of being counted and being a part of the Census 2020. 

Information from the US Census is used to establish federal funding for local communities, health care facilities, social services and public schools. It impacts housing, education, transportation, employment, health care and public policy. We are glad to partner with the US Census Bureau to provide awareness and education around its purpose. 

Invitation to Be Counted

Please join CUSD in being "counted" in Census 2020. Invitations to respond to the 2020 Census will be delivered between March 12-20. Once you receive that invitation, you can respond online, by phone, or by mail.

The U.S. Census Bureau is bound by law to protect your answers and keep them strictly confidential. The law ensures that your private information is never published and that your answers cannot be used against you by any government agency or court.

Learn more online: 


Updated Mon, Feb 10th

Our families are busy—and organized! To help them plan ahead, we publish our school year calendar online and make it available in PDF and print formats. The calendar shows important dates, such as holiday breaks and shortened school days, so families can make plans that won't interfere with their child's school attendance.

NOTE: Kindergarten and middle school orientations happen a few days before school begins. As soon as we have those dates, we will post them online.