Forest Hill Elementary School

Volunteer Appreciations

Thank you to all our volunteers for making this year's Country Faire, Silent Auction and Book Faire a wonderful event for everyone.

Our Country Faire was a day filled with fun, food and beautiful weather. The event had a true community feel. So many current and past families attended. The inflatables were a huge hit! The carnival games under the red and white festive tents were enjoyed by everyone. Of course the cake walk was full all day long. The Silent Auction was a great event for the adults too. The Silent Auction and Country Faire raised a record amount for our school programs! Many books were purchased in our Book Fair too! A big thank you to our amazing volunteers who helped throughout the day. 

A big thank you to all volunteers who helped make this year a huge success, especially the Silent Auction leads Sangeetha Katta and Nong Vang and the Country Fair Committee Leads Melanie Simpson and Nicole Salacain.  Thank you to our Book Faire leads Cynthia Mount and Emmy Gregory-Bryson.