Forest Hill Elementary School

Second Grade Bears and Buddies

There's a lot of learning and a lot of fun happening in second grade!

Second grade Falcons recently finished their first ELA unit, Government in Action. Students learned about presidents, including the fun fact that teddy bears were originally named after President Teddy Roosevelt! Mrs. Hill's class celebrated by bringing their teddy bears for a day, and even got to take their bears to the library.

Second graders have also been learning about geographical landforms. In small cooperative groups, they created their own custom topographical maps using clay. Classes brainstormed all the types of land forms they could think of. They will continue to add to their maps as they learn more.

It's also been fun spending time with reading buddies! Students work together to practice reading skills including expression and fluency.

Thanks to our amazing second grade team, students have been working hard and having fun at the same time!