Forest Hill Elementary School

Project Cornerstone

Parents read to students every month to help build character traits.

For the month of February, our Forest Hill parent readers are focusing on the Project Cornerstone asset of "Youth as Resources", inspiring students to take on helpful roles in their community. The book we are reading is "The Long Shot" written by NBA basketball star Chris Paul. In this autobiographical children's book, Paul uses lively illustrations (by Frank Morrison) to chronicle both the barriers he encountered along his path (being teased by his brothers, being considered "too short" to play basketball) and the strengths he had (perseverance, and a very supportive grandfather) to ultimately gain a spot on the basketball team! Parent readers are focusing on inspiring students to "keep trying" in the face of barriers and to recognize what their supportive strengths are! Here is a photo of a parent reader at Forest Hill, in Ms. Sarsfield's 2nd grade class, from their reading earlier this month.