Forest Hill Elementary School

Parent Survey

Thank you for taking part in our recent CUSD Thought Exchange.

First, I want to thank you for participating in the recent thoughtexchange for our school. Through that online forum, we were able to receive direct interactions and input from many of our parent stakeholders about what is working well and what we can focus on to improve. 

Thoughtexchange’s system allows us to see all of the thoughts that were shared and those that received the greatest number of high ratings. We examine that feedback and incorporate it into the rest of the data we have as we develop of school’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), which is closely tied to our school funding and budgeting.

Between now and June 1st, 2020, our staff, Instructional Leadership Team and school committees (PTA, SSC, etc.) will be reviewing the results as part of developing our LCAP for 2020-2021. That process will include consideration of changes to be made to student instruction, ways to maintain a safe and welcoming learning environment, and allocating funds and resources to support the decisions.

If you have questions about our annual thoughtexchange or about how we use the results in our LCAP, please contact our school secretary Miss Jackie to set up an appointment or phone call.