Forest Hill Elementary School

It's Pumpkin Season!

There are pumpkins everywhere at Forest Hill!

It's definitely pumpkin season at Forest Hill! Many classes from TK-5th have been using pumpkins as inspiration for art, math, writing, and more.

Mrs. Ross's class took inspriation from artist Yayoi Kusama, who has a current exhibition at SFMOMA, and created pumpkin dot paintings. 5th grade students created jack o'lanters based on biographies they read. Mrs. Hannan's class used 10 frames to count exactly how many seeds their pumpkin had, while Mrs. Unsinger's class did an experiment with pumpkin and different types of liquid. Mrs. Cittadino's class made beautiful pumpkin lanters.

It's so much fun to see how our teachers use current events to inspire their teaching and our studetns' learning!

Happy Fall from Forest Hill!