Forest Hill Elementary School

Creativity Abounds at Recess

Students show off their creativity and cooperation during recess time.

Students have taken charge of their own fun activities during recess time lately.

  • 5th graders brought Gaga Ball back from science camp and the new sport has spread to fourth and third grade. 5th graders are working together to create standard rules for Forest Hill and worked on a presentation that will be shown to 3rd grade and up. They even persuaded Ms. Chalfant to order an official Gaga Ball court that we are figuring out the perfect spot for. Thank you to Ms. Ensor, Mrs. Hart, and Mrs. McClean for working with your classes on this project!
  • Other students have been creating their own games with soft foam balls as well as on the volleyball courts. On days when Mrs. Cohn, our PE teacher, is here, students also have been playing pickleball, tennis, and badminton.
  • Volunteer parents come every other Monday for Origami Club - most recently, students created beautiful spring flowers. Thank you to these moms for helping students try out a new art form.
  • ASR Coaches visit Forest Hill on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays to play games like soccer, chaos tag, and basketball. We've been loving having them here!

You can check out some of these fun activities in the attached photos. It's such a treat to see our Falcons being so creative, cooperative, and energetic during recess.