Technology continues to be a priority for CUSD. With the implementation of online assessments and the goal of creating 21st Century learners, students are getting more and more exposure to technology in their classrooms. Technology can come in the form of tablets, laptops, and access to presentation systems. In the last 2 years, CUSD has doubled the number of devices available to students and continues to add more. The district has purchased carts of Chromebooks and laptops for a 1:1 ratio in grades 2-8.   Through Math-a-thon and other funds, we have been able to purchase additional technology for K-1, along with many other tech tools over the years.    Having technology in our classrooms allows for a seamless way to blend our learning with our devices.

Many of the sites students use in class require them to go through our district's portal called, Clever.  Links to iReady, Google Classroom, and other classroom sites, can be found by going to:

Toolbox: School Survey for 1st - 5th grades