Forest Hill Elementary School

Community Outreach: Pennies for Puppies

Beginning on March 1st, PTA will begin our month long fundraiser titled Pennies for Puppies. All proceeds from this penny drive will benefit Travolta and Claudine, two dogs with medical needs from Copper's Dream Rescue.  
  • Travolta was rescued a little over a month ago along with his two siblings from San Bernardino County where they were picked up as strays. He had a severe limp and after some xrays found that both hips were out of their sockets which will require surgery for repair. He is currently around 9 months old.

  • Claudine is from the San Francisco Animal Control and she is mostly deaf. She is about 6 months old. She has a significant heart murmur and will likely need to see a specialist for further testing which could easily put her medical bill  into the thousands just for diagnostics.
  • Please have your child bring their pennies into the classroom. Each classroom has a collection bin. Thank you for supporting our community!