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Parenting Student Success Today

 Our popular event is a half-day of learning and networking with people who want to give students an educational edge.
Come to gain ideas and resources for supporting your student through every grade.

Mark the date on your family calendar:
      Saturday, October 13, 2018
      8:15 a.m. until 12 noon
      at the Monroe Middle School campus

     Admission is free.
     Registration details coming soon!


Updated Thu, Aug 30th

Every Friday is a Spirit Day at Forest Hill. Please have your child wear their Forest Hill shirt. A big thank you to our PTA for purchasing our students' shirts this year!

Updated Thu, Aug 30th

Please help me welcome our new Recess 101 coach. His name is Jaime Abadam. He likes to be called "Coach A." All students will have an opportunity to work with Coach A either on the playground at recess or in the individual classroom game time. Recess 101 is being funded by both the school site and PTA. Thank you for your donations to our direct donation campaign. Please ask your child about Coach A.

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Updated Thu, Aug 30th

Forest Hill is pleased to announce a new program we are introducing to all students this year. TOOLBOX is a research-based, community-tested Kindergarten through sixth grade social and emotional learning (SEL) program that strengthens children’s innate capacity for resilience, self-mastery and empathy for others through its curricula, methods, and practices.This program will directly align with our Profile of a Graduate focus this year. Students will learn skills to increase their understanding of Empathy, Collaboration and Self Direction.  Please check out this 2 minute video about the program. 

Updated Thu, Aug 30th

"Showing up” every day and on time makes a difference for students.

September is Attendance Awareness month all over the country.
Why? Studies about school attendance show that “showing up” makes a difference:
· Positive school attendance supports students’ academic and social growth.
· Attending school regularly helps students feel better about school and themselves.
· Learning good work habits early will support their success in life.
At CUSD, we value our parent and community partnerships. Positive school attendance is a joint effort of home and school.
Together, we make a difference for our students. We ask that all families join us in helping students form the good attendance habits—being present each day and on time—that will help them succeed in school and beyond.
Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow!

Updated Sat, Aug 25th

Parents and educators have a key role in our children’s success, and it all starts with teaching, building and supporting good life habits.

Good habits:

  • Start early and last a lifetime
  • Become second nature through regular practice
  • Are a part of the learning process
  • Makes us more productive and effective
  • Are the basis to success
  • Are powerful

One of the most important life habits we can instill in our students is attendance, or “showing up.”

Showing up is more than just attending school; it is a commitment, and it represents responsibility. It’s showing up to school as well as being present and engaged.

Like you, we care about your children’s education and about their future. You have big dreams for your child and we share those dreams. Here’s why attendance is so important for success:

  • Attendance is the No. 1 predictor of dropout and graduation rates
  • Attendance and GPA are the biggest indicators and influences of college and career readiness
  • More than half of future dropouts can be predicted by sixth grade, based on attendance and failure in English and math
  • Students who miss 10 or more days of school are 20 percent less likely to graduate from high school
  • Students who miss school at an early age are more likely to struggle academically and, in later years, to drop out entirely
  • Students who miss 10 or more days of school are 25 percent less likely to enroll in college

September is Attendance Awareness Month, but our attendance awareness can’t stop at the end of September. Students need to attend school all day, every day to succeed. 

Help your child succeed in school and in life—together, let’s build the habit of showing up!

Updated Wed, Aug 22nd

A Message from Superintendent Shelly Viramontez

 Watch the Video

I am excited to announce "Profile of a Graduate," Campbell Union School District’s strategic focus for the 2018-19 school year and beyond. The video linked to this article offers more explanation.
Profile of a Graduate is part of our district’s Strategic Plan to reinvent the way we educate and inspire today's learners, and one of the four goals outlined in our Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). It calls upon individuals—students and the adults who support them—to be Self-Directed, Innovative, a Critical Thinker, Collaborative, and Empathetic.
Developing these five competencies is our commitment to preparing ALL students for a yet-to-be-defined workplace. Their future depends on it.
As our partner and your child’s advocate, you are an important part of that mission. You will be seeing more about the Profile of a Graduate throughout the school year as we, together, continue the vital work of educating students to their highest potential.

Updated Sat, Aug 18th

Walking and bicycling to school is an important part of leading a safe and healthy lifestyle for you and your family! Walking or biking to school brings a sense of joy and independence, while increasing physical activity levels, and reducing car congestion near school. 

There is very limited parking spots available on our campus. If you plan to drive your child to school, please look for parking spots in front of the school on McCoy Ave. Also, the traffic is quite congested from 8:00-8:10 daily. Students can be dropped off at 7:50am and wait outside for the gates to open. 

Please watch this 4 minute video about the positive image walking and biking to school can have on our students.  

Bell Schedule

  • In Session8:10–10:10
  • Recess10:10–10:30
  • In Session10:30–11:50
  • Lunch11:50–12:37 *
  • In Session12:37–2:20 **

* Wed lunch ends at 12:31

** Wednesdays end at 1:25

  • In Session8:10–10:10
  • Recess10:10–10:30
  • In Session10:30–12:10
  • Lunch12:10–12:57 *
  • In Session12:57–2:20 **

* Wed lunch ends at 12:51

** Wednesdays end at 1:25

  • In Session8:10–10:10
  • Recess10:10–10:30
  • In Session10:30–12:10
  • Lunch12:10–12:57 *
  • In Session12:57–2:47 **

* Wed lunch ends at 12:51

** Wednesdays end at 1:25


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