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Updated Sat, Mar 10th
Updated Sat, Mar 10th
Updated Mon, Mar 5th
Updated Mon, Mar 5th
Updated Mon, Mar 5th

We need your help! Mrs. Khalid (Principal) is very concerned that we will not have a functioning PTA for next year. We have many open positions for our Parent & Teacher Association. Without proper support, we will not be able to offer our students extension opportunities. 

Board Positions: 
  • Co - President - Assist the President in the organization and running of the PTA. Draft monthly newsletters and keep the calendar updated, order and manage marketing supplies. 
  • Committee Chairs
  • Silent Auction - The chair person will take care of our silent auction in October, contacting vendors and donors for baskets and organizing baskets with classroom leads and teachers and handling the sales. Work usually starts in Summer and is done in Fall.
  • Book Fair  - We have two Book Fairs annually. The person incharge would have to take care of ordering and selling the books during those book fairs and coordinating with volunteers to help out. Book Fairs are usually after school, so this person would have to have flexible work schedule
  • Student Craft Fair - In December we have our annual Student Craft Fair. The person in charge would have to work with the student vendors and set up the craft fair. 
  • Garden : Organize monthly Garden work days (one Sunday a month), where parents and kids come into the garden and clean, take out weeds and do maintenance, to keep our school garden healthy and available to kids.
Updated Wed, Feb 28th

A Message from Superintendent Viramontez

Our hearts go out to our fellow educators and families in Parkland, Florida, and we continue to send positive thoughts and prayers to this community so rocked by the recent, violent attack.  When a tragedy of this nature occurs, we also reassess our own preparedness to ensure our commitment to keeping our students and staff safe.

In Campbell Union School District, we have been diligent in our commitment to preparing our staff to ensure our students have a safe and supportive learning environment.  In light of this fact, I want to share information on these two topics:

  • Walk Out vs. Talk It Out
  • School Safety Procedures

* Download the full letter (English and Spanish) here or continue reading below.

Walk Out / Talk It Out

We are aware that many feel a desire to take an action to advocate for the safety of our students.  Many have taken the stance of “enough is enough.”  While we support families making their concerns and voices heard, we do not feel students missing valuable instructional time sends the desired message to those who can make legislative decisions. 

We are encouraging families and staff to consider alternatives to missing school time, including:

  • Contacting elected officials (,
  • Signing petitions, and
  • Participating in events outside of school hours, such as the local March for Our Lives event on Saturday, March 24, at 11 a.m., at San Jose City Hall.

Tragedies such as this are challenging for us all, especially in knowing how to talk to our children about these types of events without causing them to worry or become anxious and upset. Talking to your children, listening to them, and reassuring them that they are safe is important. The National Association of School Psychologists offers some pointers for talking to children about violence.  A copy is available here ( and via your school's weekly online flyers link.

School Safety Procedures

We are very committed to ensuring our students and staff are safe.  As a result, we consistently practice a variety of emergency situations, from earthquake to an intruder on campus drills. Our safety procedures, including sign-in and gate procedures, are developed with a safety consultant and in cooperation with local police and fire officials. Our training incorporates the same Incident Command System (ICS) protocols used by these first responders. ICS is a consistent structure and process to provide command, control, and coordination of emergency response. Information about our emergency procedures is also available on our district website at 

Our school staff formally trains for these various emergencies monthly and reviews each school site’s safety plan each year. We conduct our trainings with our safety consultants in collaboration with police and fire officials.

In addition to training for these emergency events, we also provide supports for students’ social-emotional needs.  We have multiple layers of school and community-based support systems in place to help students and families in times of crisis. We have school staff, such as psychologists, counselors and therapists as well as our community-based agencies, such as Uplift, First 5, and many other services coordinated through our School Linked Services (SLS) partnership.

We are consistently improving upon our supports and services, and as a result, we are adding two more features to our safety plans: 

  • A confidential Quick Tip service will be available for students or parents to report suspicious, illegal, or unsafe situations.
  • We are also beta-testing a new app, called ICS4schools, which will provide a fast, efficient and accurate system for reuniting students with their parents/guardians following an emergency situation.

Please know that we are committed to providing schools in which our students are safe, learning and thriving.  We will continue to offer trainings, supports and services to meet those responsibilities. 


Shelly Viramontez, Ed.D., Superintendent

Updated Tue, Feb 27th
Beginning on March 1st, PTA will begin our month long fundraiser titled Pennies for Puppies. All proceeds from this penny drive will benefit Travolta and Claudine, two dogs with medical needs from Copper's Dream Rescue.  
  • Travolta was rescued a little over a month ago along with his two siblings from San Bernardino County where they were picked up as strays. He had a severe limp and after some xrays found that both hips were out of their sockets which will require surgery for repair. He is currently around 9 months old.

  • Claudine is from the San Francisco Animal Control and she is mostly deaf. She is about 6 months old. She has a significant heart murmur and will likely need to see a specialist for further testing which could easily put her medical bill  into the thousands just for diagnostics.
  • Please have your child bring their pennies into the classroom. Each classroom has a collection bin. Thank you for supporting our community!
Updated Mon, Feb 26th

Parents of 1st-3rd graders can try design thinking activities on Wed., Feb. 28th, from 2:30-3:30p

Design thinking is spreading across Campbell Union School District. Some parents are wondering what it is.

If your student will be entering grades 2-4 in the coming school year, you can learn about design thinking together at this special experience and tour at the future home of the Campbell School of Innovation, 295 Cherry Lane, Campbell. 

Advance reservations recommended.
To reserve an activity kit and a spot at this event, please RSVP by Thursday, February 22 to 408-341-7137 or njready [at]

Bring your child and curiosity to explore the campus and the design thinking process together!

Campbell School of Innovation (CSI) is a new public school that will use design thinking as the strategy to bring rigorous, standards-based instruction to preschool through 8th grade students. It will open August 2018 for grades TK-4, and enrollment is happening now.

Updated Fri, Feb 16th

Please see the attached document for our after school enrichment classes. 

Updated Mon, Feb 26th

Our hearts go out to the families and staff involved in yesterday’s tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Florida. We hope and pray that nothing like that ever happens in our schools or community.  However, if it does, we are prepared.

We take safety very seriously, and practice our emergency response plans frequently. Our training in the Incident Command System (ICS) is one way in which do our best to protect students and ourselves. Our trainings include working directly with professional fire and police officials who use ICS for emergency response and communications.

We also partner with community health services to help our students and families who need support with social-emotional and other non-instructional issues.

A tragedy such as this reminds us to hug our loved ones a little tighter and appreciate each day a little more. Be well.

— District Superintendent Shelly Viramontez, Ed.D.

Updated Sat, Feb 10th

Please check Lost and Found today for your child's missing jackets, lunchboxes, etc. We will be donating the remaining items to charity on Friday. Lost and Found is located on a rack in front of the cafeteria.

Updated Sat, Feb 10th

Take advantage of early-bird pricing of $23.00 and order your copy of the 2017-18 Forest Hill Yearbook! Prices increase in March. Order forms going out on January 12, 2018, or order online.

ORDER ONLINE:            

ID CODE:  3788718

Updated Sat, Feb 10th

During this winter season, ask your family and friends to start saving their pennies for a great cause. Bring your pennies to school during the month of March and the pennies will be donated to rescue dogs with medical needs. Please start saving your pennies!

Updated Tue, Feb 6th

Today! Feb 8 - Lunch For a Friend

Feb 11 - Garden Workday
Feb 13 - Dining Out - Pizza My Heart

Feb 14 - PTA Meeting @ 8:15 am

Feb 16 – Coffee With Khalid 8:15am
Feb 19-23 - No School - Presidents' Week 

Bell Schedule

  • In Session8:10–10:10
  • Recess10:10–10:30
  • In Session10:30–11:50
  • Lunch11:50–12:37 *
  • In Session12:37–2:20 **

* Wed lunch ends at 12:31

** Wednesdays end at 1:25

  • In Session8:10–10:10
  • Recess10:10–10:30
  • In Session10:30–12:10
  • Lunch12:10–12:57 *
  • In Session12:57–2:20 **

* Wed lunch ends at 12:51

** Wednesdays end at 1:25

  • In Session8:10–10:10
  • Recess10:10–10:30
  • In Session10:30–12:10
  • Lunch12:10–12:57 *
  • In Session12:57–2:47 **

* Wed lunch ends at 12:51

** Wednesdays end at 1:25


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