Forest Hill Elementary School

Traffic Safety

The safety of our students is VITAL and your compliance with the following traffic and parking procedures is imperative to ensure the children’s well being. 

Circle in front of kindergarten yard: This is for drop off and pick up only. Please pull all the way forward before letting the students out of the car. The lane closest to the curb is for drop off and pick up. The left lane is for exiting the area when necessary. There is no parking in the circle. Parents, please stay in your car. In the morning, have the students ready with backpacks to step out quickly once you pull all the way forward. During the morning and afternoon rush, make a right turn only onto McCoy.  It is vital that cars carefully enter and exit this area.

  • Circle in front of office: 
    • This is front loop is for busses only. Cars are not permitted in this space.
  • Parking lot on the side of the kindergarten area:  This area is for parking only. Drive through to the parking area, park your car, and walk your child to class. This is not a pick up or drop off area.During the morning and afternoon rush, make a right turn only onto McCoy.
  • Disabled parking and red curbs: 
    • No parking in these areas at any time.
    • Crossing guards at corner of McCoy and Meta and McCoy and Neville: 
      • If you live close to the school, please walk your child to school. For those living farther away, park in the neighborhood and walk your child to class to help decrease the number of cars at the beginning and end of the school day.