Forest Hill Elementary School

Country Faire Volunteer Sign Up

Thank you for signing up to volunteer at our upcoming Country Faire. This event can't take place without our amazing volunteers. Thank you to our leads Melanie Simpson and Nicole Salacain. 

Room 2, Mrs. McClean

 Room 3, Mrs. Joice

 Room 4, Mrs. Schubert

 Room 8, Mrs. Ferrari

 Room 9, Mrs. Ross

 Room 17, Mrs. Howland

 Room 18, Mrs. Unsinger

 Room 19, Ms. Ishimatsu

 Room 21, Mrs. Cittadino

 Room 22, Ms. Nulty

 Room 23, Mrs. Hart

 Room 24, Mrs. Hannan

 Room 25, Mr. May

 Room 26, Mrs. Durham

 Room 27, Mr. Fletcher

 Room 28, Mrs. Prakash

 Room 29, Mrs. T. Lee

 Room 30, Mrs. Schultz

 Room 31, Mrs. Sennewald

 Room 33, Mrs. Kostlan

 Room 34, Mrs. Darragh

 Room 36, Mrs. Hill

 Room 37, Mrs. Spencer

 Room 38, Mrs. Monteverde

 Room 39, Ms. S. Lee

 Room 40, Ms. Sarsfield