Forest Hill Elementary School

Country Fair Volunteers Needed

Each class will be responsible for staffing a game booth or other area during the Country Faire. Please sign up with your child’s classroom via SignUpGenius to select your time slot. The success of the Country Faire cannot happen without volunteers!

Room 22: Nulty (TK) 

Room 21: Cittadino (K) 
Room 24: Hannan (K) 
Room 19: Ishimatsu (K) 
Room 18: Unsinger (K) 
Room 29: T. Lee (1st) 
Room 38: Monteverde (1st) 
Room 4: Schubert (1st) 
Room 39: S. Lee (1st) 
Room 36: Hill (2nd)
Room 9: Kostlan (2nd)
Room 40: Sarsfield (2nd)
Room 3: Joice (2nd)
Room 7: Darragh (3rd)
Room 8: Ferrari (3rd)
Room 6: Ross (3rd)
Room 30: Schultz (3rd)
Room 31: Sennewald (3rd)