Forest Hill Elementary School

Community Outreach

This was the second year of the Community Outreach program and I'm proud to say that we've achieved so much this year. Thank you to everyone for your generosity these past few years! Here's a quick recap of what the Forest Hill community has accomplished:

  • Treats for the Troops - Collected and donated  300 lbs. of candy to the troops and to our local community (Over 700 lbs. was donated in two years).
  • Pennies for Puppies - Collected and donated $561.43 to Copper's Dream Rescue (Over $1,300 was donated in two years).
  • Book Drive - Collected and donated approximately 1,000 books for San Jose Night Walks (Over 1,800 books was donated in two years).
  • Lunch for a Friend - Collected and donated 1,315 lunches to help feed the homeless (Over 2,100 lunches donated in two years).

Thanks to everyone who helped with this program these past few years - Shannon McCurdy, Monika Gustafson, Cynthia Mount, Emmy Gregory-Bryson, Renee Rhoades, Nicole Salacain, Cathy Holley, and Rev. Peggy Bryan. A special thank you to Mrs. Berta Yee for all your support in organzing and leading our community in this thoughtful outreach. 

I've had an amazing time with this program and I'm happy to say that I'll be leaving it in good hands.  Nicole Salacain will be heading this committee next year and she is ready to go!