Forest Hill Elementary School

What’s the Buzz About Spelling?

Fourth graders compete in local spelling bee competitions

Fourth graders from Campbell Union School District recently showcased their spelling prowess in local competitions. 

Rosemary, Castlemont, and Lynhaven schools organized spelling competitions and sent their top spellers to the District Spelling Bee in February. The final round between Rosemary's Samara V. and Tanner P. of Castlemont was intense, as both mastered over 15 words before Tanner clinched victory. 

Tanner's win earned him the District Spelling Bee medal, and he and Samara represented the district at the County Spelling Bee on March 9th. They faced stiff competition against 21 others vying to advance to the California State Spelling Bee in April. Samara made it to Round 5, which had 13 total students at the start, and Tanner made it to Round 6, with just six students remaining. 

“In these days of spell check, auto text and artificial intelligence, people might question the value of spelling bees,” said Tiffany Spaulding, who leads the district’s Every Child a Reader initiative. “Spelling Bees promote the power and love of language while also helping students increase their vocabulary through exposure to new words. They also need to think critically as they analyze word parts (morphology) and apply spelling patterns they’ve learned.”