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Brazilian Visitors

Professors of Unibave/Green Barriga University from Brazil came to visit Forest Hill Elementary.

people standing in front of the Forest Hill School sign

A large group of professors from a Brazilian University came to visit Forest Hill on Friday,
January 31st . One of our very own third grade students helped represent our school, translating in Portuguese and impressing our visitors with his charming personality and excitement about being a Forest Hill student.  As the principal, I was beyond proud to share with these pristine educators the amazing work we are doing at Forest Hill. Watching our very own use his communication skills to share his personal thoughts and experiences was what we strive to foster in our students.  


Health Update: Coronavirus Precautions

Health Department advises common sense precautions. Special guidelines for specific cases.

sick girl with thermometer in mouth

The CDC and state and local public health departments are closely monitoring new developments regarding the Novel Coronavirus outbreak. A woman in the San Franscico Bay Area who became ill after returning from a trip to China has become the ninth person in the U.S. to test positive for the Coronavirus, bringing the national total to 11, as of February 3, 2020.

Dr. Sara Cody, Health Officer, Santa Clara County Public Health Department (SCCPHD), reiterated the importance of common-sense precautions to prevent the spread of all infectious diseases:

  1. If you’re sick, stay home.
  2. Wash your hands and don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  3. Recommends to get your Flu shot.

Dr. Cody also summarized the Federal Guidelines as follows:

  1. Any staff or student who has been in the Hubei province within the last 14 days should not attend school. They should be at home, in a separate room, with separate bath, until 14 days after last exposure to Hubei. They should monitor for symptoms and report any symptoms to Public Health. They should not seek medical care without calling ahead first and letting care providers know of their exposure history.
  2. Any staff or student who has been in China, in a province other than Hubei province, within the last 14 days should also not attend school. This would be voluntary quarantine, with symptom watch.

A letter with more details about the coronavirus guidelines is being emailed to Campbell Union School District families and is also available online.

Calendar Glitch Corrected

Resending your newsletter to help you plan ahead.

We are re-sending your e-newsletter today, because yesterday’s transmission contained a significant calendar error. We have corrected the matter and want to be sure you don’t miss out on important calendar information.

A Peaceful Poster

Peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold. By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

pinwheels surrounding a poster about peace

In memory of Dr. King Day, the children at Forest Hill created a poster with individual pinwheels. Each student wrote a special message around how they can promote peace at school.

The Great Kindness Challenge Week: January 27–31, 2020

Be the “I” in Kind at Forest Hill Elementary.

two students standing in front of a "Kind" poster

The California Department of Education, in partnership with The Great Kindness Challenge® (GKC), encouraged all teachers, staff, and students of child care centers, preschools, and schools to participate in the GKC the week of January 27–31, 2020. The GKC initiative, presented by Kids for Peace, is a global campaign that promotes kindness in schools. It is a proactive anti-bullying campaign that educators and students can use to create a culture of kindness.

In an effort to continue promoting kindness at Forest Hill, Ms. Schubert and Ms. Hamer created a photo wall for all students and staff. They have been encouraged to come take their photo and to remember that we can be the “I” in Kind.