Forest Hill Elementary School

Group ELPAC Testing

Dear Parents of Second Language Learners,

Forest  Hill will start administering the Group ELPAC tests starting Tuesday, April 12th and run through April 22.  

All ELL students have already been tested in the individual portion of the assessment. All 2-5th grade students who have been identified as second language learners will now be tested for the group portion of the test. Our ELD teacher, Mrs. Crone, will be administering the assessment. If your child has already been reclassified and no longer receives ELD instruction, he or she will not be tested.  

Please make it a priority to arrive on time to school since most testing will occur first thing in the morning.  

So that our students may have their best opportunity to succeed and demonstrate all that they’ve learned this year, we ask that you...

  • Have your child get a full night of sleep during this time period.
  • Have your child eat a healthy breakfast and arrive with a snack.
  • Make it a priority to arrive on time.
  • Schedule all activities and appointments after school hours.

  • Thank you!