Corporate Matching

ALLUN Forest Hill Elementary PTA ld. oice Double your impact CORPORATE MATCHING Please check if your company matches donations & rewards volunteer hours with donation currency! This is a huge part of Forest Hill PTA's fundraising budget (additional $35,000 last year) and helps provide many programs at Forest Hill! beneyor C TRACKOLUNTEER TME Track External Vclunteering LOC OUT benevity What did you volunteer for? Civing Account: $0.00 O Aspecific caus alteuse did you voluntee for? Tota Matched: s0.00 DREST HILL HEENTARY sCuan nia trd ae Mash Retriainirg O Make a Duration Unted Sacs O valunter O Take Action reshl p Seerch 's NeN Who can verify your volunteer time? OQuick nks Nama: O Seach Email: Take Action Phone ae a personal stake in things that matter and make areal differerce Example of turning Volunteer Hours into Donation Currency: |1. Login to your corporate matching portal and find the volunteer section (may be at bottom). 2. Fill out form: What cause did you volunteer for? Search for Forest Hill PTA Tax ID (EIN): 77-0126424 Who can verify your volunteer time? PTA board or President How long did you volunteer? *** When did you volunteer? *** Choose rewards: Donation currency- allows donation to be given to charity (e.g. Forest Hill PTA) Description of volunteer activity: Can be taken from website or flyer 3. Once approved donations accrue in your 'My Rewards' account & can be given to charity (Forest Hill PTA)

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